Obrenovac hotels or apartments – a frequent question?

Obrenovac hotels or apartments – a frequent question?

A question that is often asked when looking for accommodation in Obrenovac is the following: hotels in Obrenovac or apartments, what to choose? A few years ago it was unthinkable to rent apartments that were fully furnished and equipped similar, if not better, than hotel ones. , in most cities people book apartments more than hotels.

Obrenovac also belongs to that group. When you choose an apartment, with the ease of online booking, you choose the number of rooms, the equipment, the number of rooms and people, kitchen, living room, etc. the advantage that the apartment gives you compared to the hotel. You need relaxation there, especially after a tiring day of meetings, or some celebration for which you came to Obrenovac

Obrenovac hotels or apartments – six reasons for choosing an apartment

Here’s why an apartment and flat for the day in Obrenovac is a better choice than a hotel in Obrenovac. At the start, we will highlight at least 6 basic reasons why it is better to rent an apartment or a flat than a hotel in Obrenovac.

1.Price – In general, apartments are cheaper than hotels in Obrenovac, especially if you plan to stay longer than one weekend. Apart from that, the apartments have kitchens, so you can cook your favorite meals yourself because it’s also a big savings when you’re on a trip. You don’t have that option in a hotel. Sometimes, and in most cases, the price of a hotel is the same or higher than an apartment, which is 1 to 4 times larger than a hotel room. Consider whether you would like to drive a small car or an SUV for the same money

2.Size – Apartments are much more spacious than hotel rooms, especially bearing in mind that usually hotel rooms everywhere, even in Obrenovac, are no more than 12-15 m2. The apartments also have a living room that is quite comfortable, which is very important if you are traveling with several people. . Most of the apartments in Obrenovac, like the I Ring apartments, have comfortable balconies and you can really feel at home rather than in a hotel.

3.Feeling at home – Staying in the apartment, you will feel like at home. You will have a kitchen for cooking your favorite meals, a larger refrigerator where you can leave food as well as drinks, a washing machine, so you can wash your laundry, especially if you are staying longer. You have all the conveniences you have at home. Of course, you can wash your clothes and eat in the hotel, but it costs extra, so here too it is a big advantage to stay in an apartment than in a hotel in Obrenovac.

4.Time planning -Usually breakfast in the hotel is served at a certain time, do we already know that? But what if you’re on vacation AND you don’t want to wake up at 8:30, but you want to have breakfast? When you stay in an apartment, you set your own rules – when you wake up, when you eat, etc. In addition, near the Ring apartments in Obrenovac, you have countless restaurants on the Square itself, so you can choose your own breakfast and ambiance.

5.Location – every hotel is far from the city center. Are you going to a beautiful city like Obrenovac, which has history and tradition, and all the hotels in Obrenovac are outside the city center or are they simply too expensive for what they offer? By renting an apartment, you would be a step away from the heart of the city and all events, parks, restaurants, spas and other important landmarks. Apartments often have their own private parking, so you don’t have to search for parking if you go to the city center if you’re staying in a hotel. Obrenovac has a shortage of parking spaces in the city, there is no perfect taxi, so this is something that can spoil your stay

6.Internet and fitness center – Usually the internet in hotel rooms is divided by floor and often has a poor signal. If you want stronger internet, you have to pay extra in hotels, if they offer that option at all. If you came to Obrenovac on business, this is very important to you. Apartments have their own separate router like every apartment, and you won’t have any problems with that like you would in a hotel. The same thing is with the choice of channels on the TV. In the hotel you usually have basic channels. In addition, in the apartments you can use additional high-level services such as a professional fitness center and rent an electric bicycle or electric scooter.
Based on all of the above, Obrenovac hotels are losing the battle in comparison to all the better apartments.


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